Ph.D. Board Certified Counseling Psychologist

Life transitions are challenging. I applaud you for taking this brave step toward finding support and resolution to work through the issues that concern you most. I believe that humans have an innate capacity to heal and orientation toward growth. One's desire to heal and ability to focus on self in order to facilitate emotional healing and growth are the cornerstones of lasting change.

Areas of Expertise

Culturally Centered Psychotherapy
Trauma Recovery 
Clinical Supervision

paradigm shift /per.ə.daɪmˌʃɪft/ [noun]: An important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way. 


In order for healing to occur, we must often let go of what we've known to create room for new ways of being to take root. 


Many people cope, few people heal.


Paradigm Shift Psychological is committed to supporting clients in their journeys to prioritizing mental health.





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